Irina – Amazingly Beautiful Realistic Japanese Love Doll

Japanese sex dolls have never been more beautiful and lifelike, but now ridiculously affordable thinks to lower manufacturing costs and newer, cheaper materials that are yet still more lifelike. Let me introduce you to Irina, the most beautiful Japanese sex doll I’ve seen at Silicone Wives (worldwide shipping of luxury sex dolls from USA).
Irina Luxury Sex Doll Breasts
Luxury realistic Japanese sex doll Irina

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This long legged beauty is sure to capture your heart and make herself your perfect companion for life. She has a sophisticated internal metal skeleton with flexible limbs meaning it easy to put her in any love making or companionship position you wish. Her beautiful sweet face cries out to you for love, affection, and passionate sex. She can be dressed in any number of sexy uniforms, and of course you can select many physical characteristics such as eye and hair color before ordering her at Silicone Wives.