Inflatable Japanese Sex Doll

When you think of Japanese Sex Dolls, you are probably picturing in your mind one of the ultra-realistic and very expenisve sex dolls from the likes of Orient Dolls or Honey Dolls.  But Japanese adult doll makers also cater to the lower end of the market, and an inflatable Japanese sex doll is your chance to own a Japanese doll at a very cheap price!

The Love Body Ren is an inflatable sex doll that nethertheless carries with it more than a hint of the famous Japanese charm and realism.  Modelled on a cute, anime style girl, the doll is in a plient doggy style pose, with her makers claiming she has the most beautiful doll ass in the world. Dress her up in a Japanese school uniform and you will be banging her sweet body 7 days a week!

The Love Body Ren can be ordered from Japan for just $125

love body ren

The Lady Ren is definately one of the most realistic inflatable dolls in the world. Perfectly sized (90cm in height) and proportioned, and coming with a gorgeously stretchy tight hole made from life-like material, this is the ultimate Japanese sex doll experience at a bargain price.

Lady Ren 2

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