18 Year Old Japanese Teen Sex Doll

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Introducing Joyce ($1,600), an elegant and fashionable Japanese university student, who can be shy and daring in equal measures, but who always reciprocates a loving touch. Dress her cute, busty young body up with the latest fashions and she’ll bend over and let you pound her soft pussy doggystyle!
Japanese teen sex doll 18 1
Japanese teen sex doll 18 yo
Japanese teen sex doll 18

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The best place to buy beautiful Japanese real love dolls is at OVDoll shipping to 158 countries and free for orders over $200. Hundreds of the most beautiful and realistic silicone sex dolls. Click the banner for more details and to view their amazing dolls.
OVDoll Japanese love dolls

Irina – Amazingly Beautiful Realistic Japanese Love Doll

Japanese sex dolls have never been more beautiful and lifelike, but now ridiculously affordable thinks to lower manufacturing costs and newer, cheaper materials that are yet still more lifelike. Let me introduce you to Irina, the most beautiful Japanese sex doll I’ve seen at Silicone Wives (worldwide shipping of luxury sex dolls from USA).
Irina Luxury Sex Doll Breasts
Luxury realistic Japanese sex doll Irina

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This long legged beauty is sure to capture your heart and make herself your perfect companion for life. She has a sophisticated internal metal skeleton with flexible limbs meaning it easy to put her in any love making or companionship position you wish. Her beautiful sweet face cries out to you for love, affection, and passionate sex. She can be dressed in any number of sexy uniforms, and of course you can select many physical characteristics such as eye and hair color before ordering her at Silicone Wives.

Manzoku Doll MSD046H Mini Japanese sex doll

manzoku-dollManzoku Mini Doll ($1,651)

This exquisite and unique ultra-realistic Japanese sex doll has everything that a premium doll should, only in a mini form (the doll measures at just under 2ft tall).

With a sophisticated internal metal frame, the doll can be placed in just about any pose that you desire.

Her pert breasts feel amazing being groped as you fall in love with her pretty face, while her tight hole is soooo fuckable!


Love Doll Petite Jewel

Petite Jewel Sex Doll ($6,313) – Order Direct from Japan!


This is arguably the jewel in the crown of Japanese sex dolls. The new and improved Petite Jewel has skin that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, both in look and feel. More beautiful than perhaps any girl on Earth, this doll will melt your heart while stiffening your cock. The doll comes in two sizes for those wanting their Japanese girls even more petite and adorable. Perfect hip/waist ratio measurements, with large, firm, but still pert breasts, these dolls are life-long companions who never age and who never say no…order your dream Japanese girl today…


Japanese Plush Sex Doll Venus Body Yuka

Yuka Japanese Plush Doll ($803)

Japanese sex dolls are famous for being cute, realistic, and very expensive.  How about if you could buy a Japanese sex dolls that was ultra cute, realistic, and yet much cheaper than you would expect?  With a Japanese plush sex doll, you get all the realism of an expensive silicone doll, but even more cute and cuddly, and at only a fraction of the price.

This life-size ‘body’ doll, has an ultra-realitic cute face, and a large breasted cuddly body made from plush foam.  The body’s pussy is a sophisticated Japanese onahole masturbator.  Free lube included with each order.

Inflatable Japanese Sex Doll

When you think of Japanese Sex Dolls, you are probably picturing in your mind one of the ultra-realistic and very expenisve sex dolls from the likes of Orient Dolls or Honey Dolls.  But Japanese adult doll makers also cater to the lower end of the market, and an inflatable Japanese sex doll is your chance to own a Japanese doll at a very cheap price!

The Love Body Ren is an inflatable sex doll that nethertheless carries with it more than a hint of the famous Japanese charm and realism.  Modelled on a cute, anime style girl, the doll is in a plient doggy style pose, with her makers claiming she has the most beautiful doll ass in the world. Dress her up in a Japanese school uniform and you will be banging her sweet body 7 days a week!

The Love Body Ren can be ordered from Japan for just $125

love body ren

The Lady Ren is definately one of the most realistic inflatable dolls in the world. Perfectly sized (90cm in height) and proportioned, and coming with a gorgeously stretchy tight hole made from life-like material, this is the ultimate Japanese sex doll experience at a bargain price.

Lady Ren 2

Cyberskin Sex Doll

Virtual GirlIf you dream of owning a realistic sex doll for under $1,000, then the Cyberskin ultra-realistic Virtual Girl might tempt you.  Life-like skin, beautiful blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes that almost scream for you to fuck it senseless.  Apart from its realism, the Virtual Girl has been noted by satisfied customers to be extremely durable.  If you love the realism of Japanese sex dolls but are looking for something cheaper and more Western, then the Virtual Girl doll is a sound investment.

Eri Himekawa Japanese sex doll

Eri Himekawa Japanese sex doll – only $82

Eri Himekawa Japanese Doll

Eri Himekawa Japanese Doll

Looking to buy a Japanese sex doll but not ready to spend on a CandyGirl or the other more expensive dolls?  We have a solution.  For just $82 you can purchase your very own Japanese Sex Doll.  Incredibly at such a low price, it still retains some of the beauty and realism that Japanese sex dolls are famous for.  You will surely find nothing like it in America or Europe. 


Real Love Doll Ange – Most Realistic Japanese Sex Doll

Real Love Doll Ange – $8,872

The Real Love Doll Ange is perhaps the most realistic yet from the legendry Orient Doll – world famous makers of Japanese sex dolls.  Ange is 5″2 (157 cm) tall and just about everything else is customisable by you when you order her – from her shoe size to her bust and, of course, her hair and face.

Click to view more info about the Ange realistic Japanese sex doll

Click to view more info about the Ange realistic Japanese sex doll